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Do you design spaces and would like to use our film in your work? Select the materials you
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    SONTE Poland offers two types of liquid crystal film - adhesive and nonadhesive. The adhesive film is designed for retro-fit installation, i.e. the film is installed on existing glazing or windows. This means that it does not have glue that binds permanently to the window, which, in case of opting out of the solution or the need to replace the product, there is no need to wash the glass under the film. SONTE film is offered in maximum sheet formats:

    SONTE adhesive film is offered in maximum sheet formats:

    • 1/1000mm x 5000mm
    • 2/1200 mm x 5000 mm
    • 3/1500 mm x 5000 mm

    On request we make sheets with a width of 1000, 1200 and 1500 mm, with a length of up to 10 m.

    Non-adhesive SONTE film (glue-free) offered to glass manufacturers, used in the manufacture of laminated glass of any thickness using EVA film:

    • 1/1200 mm x 5000 mm
    • 2/1500 mm x 5000 mm
    • 3/1800 mm x 5000 mm

    Our company has a warehouse and a machine park prepared for production in Poland. Consequently, it is not one of Chinese technologies offered on the Polish market with low quality and high failure rates.

    Sheets of film can be cut to any size you desire or you can cut them yourself after purchase with a utility knife or scissors.