Dynamically change the functionality of a space with a partition wall

Increasingly often, you wonder how to bring a bit of privacy into the office and set aside appropriate spaces for employees without wasting time on a significant renovation. We offer a modern partition wall solution that will positively affect the comfort of work and separate private areas that meet the needs of employees. Are you concerned about separating your office space from your storage space? Do you need privacy in a glass conference room during an important business meeting? Please read all about our offer!

Partitions – where will they perform their function best?

Partitions will allow you to divide the space and designate rooms with specific functions. They will give people there a sense of comfort, freedom and privacy. It’s a perfect solution for an office, sales space or warehouse. For example, it will provide ideal privacy in a glass conference room during a business meeting or training session. It will also be helpful in offices, law firms, stores, restaurants, museums and hotels. In addition, it will replace outdated blinds and make the office a modern and friendly place to work.

Osoby rozmawiające w biurze

Am I in for a significant renovation, chasing walls and a few days without an office?

Absolutely not! Putting up partitions is not difficult; you do not need to organise a considerable renovation to put up thick walls. Partitions do not carry structural loads, so they can be erected using lightweight elements. These works will not be problematic and will not take much time.

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Smart film – where can it be applicable?

The innovative solution, which is the SONTE intelligent liquid crystal film, can be used in many ways. Wherever there is a need to maintain privacy and at the same time comfort of use.

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Eco-Architecture: Glass as an Environmentally Friendly Material

Glass not only brings aesthetic benefits but also has many advantages that positively impact our environment.

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Modern office – ideas, inspirations, examples

In recent years, there has been talk of an employee market, because currently it is employees, not employers, who set requirements during the recruitment process. Find out why.

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