Glazed bathroom – an aesthetic trend or a solution unfavorable to intimacy

Interior architects have recently been promoting a glazed bathroom trend. Sometimes they connect the bathroom with the bedroom, separating the spaces using a glass wall. Are such solutions practical, or are they just an aesthetic invention of trendsetters?

Undeniably, the bathroom is a place where one should feel comfortable. This room must ensure privacy due to the functions it performs. Architects and interior designers more often offer glazed bathrooms. They also often place the bathroom next to the bedroom, and both rooms are separated by a glass wall. Opinions on such solutions are divided.

Lack of intimacy

The bathroom in the bedroom seems to be a solution only for egocentrics. Feel free to design it in an apartment that also has a second bathroom or a separate guest toilet. The bedroom is a very intimate place. Not many people would want a bedroom as an interconnecting room. Glazed bathrooms are a good solution for small, dark spaces, but they are the most impressive in large, bright apartments.

Łazienka z widokiem na góry

Glazed oasis of relaxation

Admittedly, such solutions look beautiful. However, to avoid possible problems arising, they need to be given due thought. One needs to consider the location of the plumbing risers and install an effective ventilation and moisture removal system. Thanks to the bathroom in the bedroom, we can prepare to leave home faster. Cold shower as soon as you wake up? Hot, aromatic bath just before bed? The glazed bathroom makes us feel as if we were in a luxury spa. The combination of a bathroom with a bedroom will make these two rooms a relaxation and tranquillity zone.

Privacy issue

However, how to relax next to the bed in which our partner snores? Curtains or milk film spoil the effect of a unique interior. The best solution is to use our smart SONTE film, which in a fraction of a second turns the glazing into a separate zone.

A glass bathroom or a glass bathroom in the bedroom is, in our opinion, a great solution. Thanks to the use of liquid crystal technology it can also be practical.

Łazienka przygotowana do relaksacyjnej kąpieli

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