The use of SONTE smart films in hotels – privacy with a touch of aesthetics

A hotel is a place from which you expect peace and privacy. Guests also like when the place they stay at is aesthetically designed, well-maintained, has a good atmosphere, and offers something they do not have on a daily basis. How can we introduce the privacy element to hotels, rooms as well as common places, so that the aesthetics of the place are preserved?

It only takes a second for the transparent pane to turn milky white. Smart SONTE film allows you to control privacy in the hotel room as well as in the common area using a remote control.

Use of SONTE smart films in hotels

Hotel owners are more often using such solutions. The use of smart film increases the competitiveness and attractiveness of the hotel. Properly designed and furnished hotel room positively affects the feelings and satisfaction of guests. By combining modern design, and unconventional solutions, but also functionality and comfort, you can create a place people will want to return to.

A smart film can be used on the windows of hotel rooms, where visitors can adjust the level of visibility according to their own preferences. The film also allows hiding from the sunray.

SONTE film also works well in hotel bathrooms, which are more and more often designed with glass walls. However, if the clients need a little privacy, they will be able to obtain it with one click of a button. Such innovative amenity attracts attention and influences the positive experience of guests during their stay.

The smart film allows for an ideal dose of privacy in visitors’ areas as well as the places designated for work. During family, company, or work meetings, turning on the appropriate visibility allows for a moment of focus.

Drzwi w pokoju hotelowym

What does SONTE film installation look like?

Working in a glazed room can be a source of stress and concentration problems. SONTE® film offers on-demand privacy so employees can fully dedicate themselves to the task at hand. However, this is not the end of the benefits! Better work comfort translates into increased productivity.

Outstanding functionality

SONTE film is an alternative to curtains or blinds that require frequent cleaning. That is why it is perfect in hotels, where sterility and cleanliness come first. You can clean the film as if you were cleaning a window. It does not generate additional costs but allows for more flexibility.

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Smart film – where can it be applicable?

The innovative solution, which is the SONTE intelligent liquid crystal film, can be used in many ways. Wherever there is a need to maintain privacy and at the same time comfort of use.

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