What is SONTE


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The installation of smart film does not require replacing glazing or windows - it can be glued to any already installed single-glazing or double-glazing in your modern office and to every window in your kitchen, bathroom or living room. Once installed, the film has little effect on the overall appearance and transparency of glass and windows, because it is distinguished by its insignificant thickness.



Smart window film owes its innovativeness to a layer of liquid crystals located between two layers of PET film. The functionality is based on supplying liquid crystals with voltage from the power supply, which under its influence arrange themselves in a regular manner, allowing film to become transparent. The lack of voltage from the power supply causes a random arrangement of dispersed liquid crystals and results in milky-white appearance of the surface.


Referred to as "Digital Shading Technology", due to its price and installation difficulties, until recently it could only be used in large investments. Currently, SONTE liquid crystal film is used not only at the stage of implementation of the investment, but also after the installation of glazing or side-hung windows. Our company offers proven technological solutions on all-glass, sliding (both all-glass and aluminium frame), swinging and aluminium frame doors. Sonte's offer also includes proven solutions for side-hung windows, such as HS or HSW. This technology is distinguished by the fact that it is available to all, regardless of their financial or technological capabilities.


Digital Shading

The use of intelligent "Digital Shading Technology", which thanks to liquid crystals located between two layers of PET film allows you to control the transparency of the film by providing it with adequate voltage. Such a solution allows for re-organisation of glass walls in your office and windows in your home. Company SONTE Labs together with R&D Company gives you the opportunity to utilise this technology using remote control, wall-mounted switch, app or BMS/BAS system. SONTE film blocks 99% of UV light and 80% of infrared light, which is proven by studies carried out by the SGS laboratories.


Since 2014, our company has been constantly developing assembly department, offering our customers solutions tailored specifically for a given project. Our specialists will take measurements before the installation of SONTE film, coordinate the work with both electrical installation professionals and companies installing glass walls or windows on which liquid crystal SONTE film is to be installed. All activities are carried out in such a way that the client does not have to worry about the coordination of work between companies.


We also take into account the unforeseen situation of damage or dirt of the film - our company after installation will provide full documentation along with SONTE film cleaning starter set. All products installed by us are covered by SONTE Smart Care service programme, which in case of damage to the film, e.g. failure of the electrical system, allows for replacement on very favourable terms.


Glazed surfaces are no longer just a trend, but everyday life in offices, warehouses or shops. They have a modern and attractive look, but unfortunately in many situations this solution becomes inefficient. Our film can be used on all-glass doors, aluminium frame doors, swinging and sliding doors, both all glass and aluminium frame.



The solution is installed after the deadline has been set. Our specialists come to a certain place and deal with the entire process of film assembly.