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How the Abłażewicz Dental Clinic Enhanced Privacy and Modernity with SONTE Film!


The Abłażewicz Dental Clinic faced challenges related to patient privacy and the need to maintain an aesthetic and modern interior. Traditional methods, such as curtains or blinds, were impractical and difficult to keep clean, affecting the clinic’s hygiene and professionalism. Additionally, there was a need for better light management without increasing operational costs.


In response to these challenges, the clinic decided to install the intelligent SONTE film. This modern technology allows dynamic control over window transparency, enabling instant changes from clear to frosted. As a result, the clinic was able to:

  • Increase patient privacy during treatments.
  • Enhance the interior aesthetics, giving it a modern look.
  • Reduce maintenance costs thanks to the film’s easy-to-clean surface.


After the installation of the SONTE film, the Abłażewicz Clinic experienced numerous benefits:

  • Increased Privacy: Patients felt more comfortable and secure, improving their overall satisfaction.
  • Aesthetics and Functionality: The modern look of the rooms enhanced the clinic’s image and attracted more patients.
  • Energy Efficiency: The film protects against UV and IR radiation, helping to maintain an optimal room temperature and reduce air conditioning costs.
  • Easy Maintenance: The film’s surface is easy to clean, which is crucial in a medical environment where hygiene is a top priority.


By applying the SONTE film, the Abłażewicz Dental Clinic effectively addressed issues related to privacy and interior aesthetics while also enhancing the comfort of both patients and staff. This innovative solution improved service quality and the clinic’s image, offering modern and practical solutions for a demanding medical environment.

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