Innovative home – check out the most practical solutions that will help you in your daily life

Technological advances allow us to create and implement increasingly advanced solutions. We are informed about some of them in marketing campaigns by smartphone or car manufacturers, who extensively describe the newly introduced features. However, we don’t hear about particular inventions that often, and they can be very useful for us in managing the space at our apartment. So check out which ones you can implement in your own home!

Baby monitor

This is a best-selling solution, especially among young parents who often have to combine childcare duties with work or daily household activities. Baby monitors are devices with built-in video cameras that allow you to monitor your child’s behaviour at all times. The device usually consists of the aforementioned camera and an independent tablet-like display. Some models also have built-in smartphone connectivity options, making them practical support for parents who want to keep tabs on their children at all times.

Ręka trzymająca telefon

Petcube Bites

Petcube Bites is, in short, a treat launcher. The device is primarily designed for use with pets and allows them to be fed remotely by their owners. Petcube Bites is operated with a smartphone. Once the device is configured, you can remotely operate the feeder, including choosing the distance the treat will be launched. So if you are not at home and want to make your pet move a little, you can give him a few runs after a piece of kibble fired a few meters. In addition, Petcube Bites is equipped with a Full HD camera, which allows you to keep an eye on your pet even when you are away from home. It is a handy device for those who frequently go on business trips.

Liquid-crystal film

We’ve featured something for parents and pet owners. Now it’s time for a solution that can be used in any home. Liquid crystal film is suitable for anyone who values modern design and privacy. The smart film allows you to replace impractical curtains or blinds, which collect dust and are often difficult to clean. The film can be applied to any glass installed in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or other rooms. Its operation is simple and intuitive. With one click, you can turn the transparent glass into a matte coating that prevents others from looking through it. Smart film is a solution that works well in apartments and offices, or medical facilities.

Innovative devices in the home help make everyday life more convenient and comfortable. Do not be afraid of new and unconventional solutions—they will help make your apartment’s interior truly unique.

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