Activate Your Privacy
SONTE Smart FIlm

A single click activates your privacy, transforming your office’s glass walls or the expansive windows in your living room into an opaque barrier. This shields you from prying eyes, distractions, and sunlight.

With a second click, your window or glass panel becomes 87% transparent once more, retaining its modern, designer appeal through the use of glass.

This is how SONTE Smart Film works—it can be installed on any glass surface, regardless of size or shape, even those with unusual and irregular contours. Moreover, the installation of SONTE’s liquid crystal film is feasible at any stage of room and building construction or use. Yes, it can also protect facades, reducing air conditioning costs by blocking up to 99% of UV rays and 55% of infrared radiation.

Choose SONTE Smart Window Film and activate your privacy!

How does SONTE Liquid Crystal Film work?

Intelligent liquid crystal film, also known as Digital Shading Technology or PDLC film is made of liquid crystals sandwiched between two layers PET film. 

Under the influence of the voltage from the power supply, the liquid crystals arrange themselves in a regular way, creating a transparent pane. When you turn off the power, they change their arrangement irregular, and the glazing becomes milky white: matt and non-transparent.


Just one click separates you from comfortable client meetings, focused work sessions, or the gaze of onlookers. This is true in your home and apartment as well, since SONTE Smart Window Film is also chosen by individual customers.

Controlling SONTE Dimming Film

Controlling SONTE Dimming Film is convenient and intuitive. Available to you are:

  • A wall-mounted switch that is always in the same place, with a design you can match to your interior decor.
  • A remote control, the standard controller for our film, allows you to adjust transparency from anywhere in the room.
  • Integration with BMS/BAS and Smart Home systems. This gives you full control over the film’s operation via a tablet or phone and building management system. The film can automatically turn opaque, for instance, when a presentation starts and the lights are dimmed.
  • A dimmer, which lets you gradually adjust the transparency, allowing you to see outside the room while remaining unseen.

Benefits of Installing SONTE Electric Film

SONTE Electric Film is an innovation that is applicable everywhere glass is used: from office spaces to medical facilities, and even in homes and private apartments. Discover the benefits it provides.

For Business

SONTE film installed in offices, conference rooms, executive offices, and even on partition walls protects privacy and ensures optimal working conditions. It can be mounted on the building facade to shield interiors from sun rays that cause glare on monitors and heat up the spaces.

For the Medical Industry

In clinics, private offices, mother-and-child rooms, operating and ward rooms, and diagnostic centers, SONTE electric film provides privacy and comfort for both patients and staff. Additionally, it can be cleaned just like regular glass using microfiber cloths and standard glass cleaner or disinfectant.

For Hotels

In hotels, our film offers attractive and functional solutions, such as a bathroom glass wall that becomes frosted with just one click. SONTE electric film can also be installed in trade show booths, aquariums, saunas, and swimming pools.

For Individual Clients

Protect your private spaces not only from prying eyes but also from the sun’s rays to reduce air conditioning costs. SONTE liquid crystal film is ideal for skylights, roof windows, and trapezoidal windows where installing blinds or shutters is challenging or impossible. It can also be applied to large glass surfaces, in bathrooms, and on loft walls.

Secure and Reliable Installation

We exclusively install SONTE liquid crystal film from the inside, including applications on building facades. This ensures that the film is not exposed to direct atmospheric conditions, especially moisture, thereby extending its lifespan and enhancing safety during use

The SONTE Revolution is for Everyone

Your satisfaction is important to us, which is why we offer high-quality liquid crystal film along with professional installation. We can perform the installation on both new and existing glass surfaces.

We want you to enjoy the benefits of choosing SONTE’s liquid crystal film, whether it’s in your apartment or house, small business, service point, medical facility, medium-sized enterprise, or large corporation.

In every situation, we tailor the solution to optimize functionality, costs, and project timelines. Prioritize your privacy with SONTE – just one click away.

What color can SONTE film have? Any!

The classic color of frosted film is milky white, but we also offer electric film in gray and black, as well as the multicolored SONTE Disco option, which shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow.

Upon request, we can produce film in any color variant you desire, allowing you to leverage its benefits for your organization’s branding or interior customization.


Turn on SONTE film

Window Film Tailored to Your Needs

SONTE window film can be installed on flat surfaces of various materials, such as glass, polycarbonate, and lacquered glass. We can customize it to fit the shape and dimensions of your windows, which is particularly important for unconventional windows where blinds or shades cannot be applied.

It is also possible to cut out shapes from the film (e.g. the logo of your organization or facility). Additionally, we can use other color variants – all according to your individual order, to tailor the SONTE film to your expectations as much as possible.

Where to Use SONTE Film?

The intelligent liquid crystal film can be applied to any single or double-glazed surface. It can be installed on full glass doors, sliding doors, pivot doors, and aluminum frames, as well as on casement windows, tilt and turn windows, and on large glass surfaces—whether in homes, offices, hotels, public buildings, or commercial premises.

In practice, it is just as functional as glass, so you can use it in almost any location where transparent materials are found. What’s more, after installing SONTE film, you can move it along with the glass without the need for removal and purchasing a new film.

Start the revolution and activate your privacy with SONTE

Simply get in touch with us to get answers to all your questions. Our consultant will inquire about your expectations and assign you a dedicated advisor who will comprehensively fulfill your vision.

SONTE Electric Film – Benefits

Convenient to use, easy to maintain, cost-effective. Functional and adding a unique character to interiors. Replace heavy curtains or annoyingly jamming blinds with liquid crystal film and fully harness the potential of modern technology!

Certified Safety

SONTE Liquid Crystal Film is completely safe—it meets fire safety standards and can be installed on fire-resistant glazing. Its safety is confirmed by numerous certifications, including PN-EN 13501-1:2019-02 and PN-EN 13501-2:2016-07.

Click and you turn on privacy

SONTE liquid crystal film reaches full transparency in just 0.1 seconds. Is also cheap in operation: power consumption calculated for 1m2 of SONTE film is only 5.5 W/h, which is about as much as your TV consumes in sleep mode.

Innovative Effect

Liquid crystal film guarantees a fantastic decorative effect: it gives interiors a modern character, emphasizing the designer style of the home and the professional decor of the office. At the same time, it stands out with its minimal thickness of just 0.38 mm, so it minimally affects the transparency of windows or glass surfaces.

Easy Cleaning

SONTE windows are trouble-free in everyday use, and their care does not require any special treatments – just clean them as usual each glazing, i.e. with glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth.

Low Operating Costs

SONTE liquid crystal film achieves full transparency in just 0.1 seconds. It is also cost-effective to operate: the power consumption calculated for 1 m² of SONTE film is only 5.5 W/h, roughly equivalent to what your television consumes in standby mode.

UV and IR blocking

SONTE frosted film, thanks to the use of high-quality crystals, blocks up to 99% of UV radiation and, depending on the type of film, up to 78% of IR (infrared) light, thereby preventing rooms from heating up on hot days and protecting users from the harmful effects of sunlight. This prevents interior heating, reduces air conditioning costs, and minimizes glare on monitors and glossy surfaces.

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Installation of Liquid Crystal Film

Throughout the entire process of choosing and purchasing SONTE smart liquid crystal film, your dedicated sales representative will support you: they will present the options, prepare a quote, and organize the installation. The film installation can take place at any time. Our installation teams also work evenings.

Studies have confirmed the flawless operation of SONTE film for over 10 years with proper use. Your peace of mind is paramount, which is why in addition to the standard 24-month warranty, we offer an extended variant for up to 5 years. Liquid crystal film is an exceptionally low-maintenance solution (failure rate of 0.02%), but the SONTE customer support team and our post-warranty service are always available if you need assistance.


How to Start the Revolution and Activate Privacy with SONTE?

Imagine how SONTE electric film will transform your interiors, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Contact us!

Get in touch with us! We’ll assign you a dedicated advisor who will inquire about your needs, analyze them, and deliver comprehensive realization of your vision. Remember, at any stage of your investment, you can also order SONTE film for the remaining glass surfaces in your property.



We will provide a fair and transparent quotation tailored to your needs, without hidden costs. For more complex projects, this stage also includes a visit from our advisor to your investment site for an on-site assessment.



Our qualified installers will mount SONTE electric film at a time convenient for you. Remember, you can install our film at any stage of building construction or when you’re already using the space. It’s a fast and non-invasive process.