The Brain Embassy – Adgar Park

Brain Embassy


Application category
Co-working Area

16 m²

Designer space conducive to concentration

Sometimes the best ideas are born in silence. And sometimes – during an energetic, inspiring one and dynamic brainstorming. In any of these cases, the workspace should be however, completely free of distractions, so as to favor maximum concentration. The creators of the Brain Embassy co-working space know it perfectly well – and that’s why they designed a special Brainstorm ROOM in it.

The Brainstorm ROOM space was separate from the rest of Brain Embassy’s with SONTE film. Thanks to this, the teams working in it can protect themselves from traffic behind glazing to prevent the idea of a brilliant creation from going unnoticed he will run away, startled by the external distraction. SONTE smart film was installed on glass wall (retro-fit) with EI60 fire resistance. It not only provides privacy and a space conducive to concentration, but also fits perfectly into a modern, designer one Brain Embassy interior style.

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