Easy to clean and disinfect – How SONTE film helps fight bacteria and viruses in hospitals

Discover how SONTE film revolutionizes hygiene in medical environments, offering an easy-to-clean and disinfect solution that helps combat bacteria and viruses. Ideal for hospitals and medical offices, this innovative technology not only…

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Retro-fit – How to install SONTE film without the need for complex renovations?

Discover how to install SONTE film without complex renovations - Your guide to the technology transforming light and privacy in homes and offices. Learn about energy efficiency, privacy control, easy smart home integration, and a…

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Battle of the titans – Blinds or smart film? The ultimate test

Discover why the innovative SONTE window film outperforms traditional blinds in light control and privacy. Learn more about its unique features such as adjustable transparency, color variety and ease of use that make it the perfect choice…

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Shaping a leader’s image through space design – How can smart glass boost your authority?

Discover how SONTE liquid crystal film can enhance a leader's position and revolutionize the office space. Learn how modern office design influences a leader's image, providing privacy and promoting innovation. Explore key aspects of…

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Seamless layovers – Why microhotels are the new travel trend and what role does smart glass play?

Discover the phenomenon of microhotels and their growing popularity among travelers. Learn how comfortable and functional accommodation, along with advanced smart glass technology, contribute to efficiency and comfort in travel. See how…

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Aesthetics and hygiene – How glass defines modern spaces in aesthetic medicine?

Discover how glass and innovative liquid crystal film redefine the field of aesthetic medicine. Aesthetics, hygiene, and modern design come together, creating spaces that elevate the standards of medical clinics.

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Passive vs. energy-efficient houses – Understanding the role of smart glass

Discover how passive homes differ from energy-efficient ones and how liquid crystal film is revolutionizing construction by enhancing energy efficiency. Learn how smart glass technology is transforming energy management and living comfort,…

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Loft-style office vs. privacy – Muntin walls featuring smart film

Discover how muntin walls combined with smart film can transform a loft-style office, providing the perfect balance between raw design and the privacy you need. Discover the advantages of this innovative solution that combines loft…

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Eco-Architecture: Glass as an Environmentally Friendly Material

Glass not only brings aesthetic benefits but also has many advantages that positively impact our environment.

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Glass-walled hotel interiors – How does SONTE film combine aesthetics with privacy?

Glass-walled hotel interiors and their privacy - discover how SONTE film seamlessly blends these two aspects, offering a modern and discreet solution for hotels wishing to preserve their guests' privacy.

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SONTE Smart film as a projection screen

Crafting a space that harmonizes with its environment can pose dilemmas. SONTE Smart Liquid Crystal Film emerges as the solution to these challenges.

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Smart office – arrange it yourself!

The enduring trend in office interior design is modernity, interpreted in two distinct ways.

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Smart glass / Smart film | Key Information

To boost employee efficiency and enhance building functionality, architects and interior designers are focused on optimizing office spaces. Explore key insights.

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Exploring window films – What makes liquid crystal film superior?

Dive into the world of sun-blocking films, isothermal films, UV protection films, photochromic films, and especially the innovative SONTE liquid crystal film. Discover how the SONTE liquid crystal film combines the advantages of other…

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Glass bathroom – Preserving privacy with window film

Can a glass bathroom be both stylish and private? Discover how window film is revolutionising bathroom design. Learn how to elegantly blend glass transparency with discretion, creating a luxurious and comfortable interior. Explore an…

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Premium privacy at home, office?

The Covid-19 epidemic has transformed our operations, impacting our outlook on relationships and reshaping the working world.

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Modern office – ideas, inspirations, examples

In recent years, it's been termed an employee's market as candidates, not employers, now dictate recruitment requirements. Discover the reasons behind this shift.

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Smart film is the answer, how to increase hotel prestige?

When searching for accommodation in another city, research indicates that room appearance is a top priority, influencing comfort and the overall success of the stay.

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Smart film – where can it be applicable?

SONTE's intelligent liquid crystal film, an innovative solution, offers versatile applications wherever privacy and user comfort are essential.

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Innovative home – check out the most practical solutions

Technological advancements enable the adoption of innovative solutions. Discover which ones you can readily implement in your home!

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Hygiene during the pandemic – how to keep the office clean?

Considering liquid crystal film for your company? Today's article highlights its key benefits to alleviate any doubts! Enjoy on-demand privacy!

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