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What gives your household members privacy?

Each of us dreams of privacy in our own homes or apartments. Seemingly, nowadays it is not difficult to achieve it. However, sometimes a small area or a specific shape of the plot cause the house to be located close to a street or another house. In such cases, other people can easily see what happens in some rooms. In residential blocks, things are sometimes even worse. The interiors of apartments located on the lower floors are often completely exposed. It also happens that developers build blocks right next to each other, practically windows opposite windows. How do you ensure your privacy under such conditions? What are the benefits of a smart glass film?

Privacy is an inalienable right of every human being

Most of us generally greatly value our privacy. We strive to keep our personal affairs private. We tell others as much about our lives as we see fit, and we are increasingly aware of how social media work. This makes us wonder what we share and show others. So why should we not take care of privacy in our own homes or apartments? After all, they are one of the most intimate and private spaces, which we share only with the people closest to us.

Sometimes the location of a house or apartment takes away our privacy. Neighbors’ houses are so closely built that we can recognize which plants are located on the window sill. Passers-by who may or may not want to look inside our house. All that inclines you to take care of your privacy, especially if you have children or expensive equipment in your home. However, blinds, curtains, as well as tinting films are among the old-fashioned ways of protecting privacy. They are ineffective, and additionally deprive the household members of natural light. So, is there any alternative?

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Smart window film – peace and privacy at home

One of the most modern solutions, guaranteeing privacy in the interior of your home or apartment, is the smart windows film. It is characterized by extraordinary innovation because it is extremely thin and practically unnoticeable to the eye. When it is switched off, it looks simply like ordinary glass. However, if we activate the tinting option, the glass with the smart film becomes milky white.

This is an extraordinary solution because it gives us a choice. If we want to have normal windows, we can switch the tinting option off, e.g. at night. However, if we want privacy at a given time, e.g. during the day, we can turn it on using the remote control or the mobile app. Importantly, even if the smart glass film becomes milky white, it protects us from random onlookers outside, but it does not deprive us of natural light. Thanks to this, even when the windows are tinted, we are able to enjoy natural daylight in the interior of the house. We can rest or perform our duties, without the need to illuminate the rooms, which would generate additional costs and would not be the best solution for our eyes.

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