Smart film to answer the question of how to increase hotel prestige

How do we look for accommodation in another city? After all, we have a lot of suggestions and offers from various hotels. Unless we receive a personal recommendation from family or friends, most of us will go to online reviews of hotel ratings on popular sites or gather reviews on social media. Research clearly shows that we pay the most attention to the appearance of the room, because it determines our comfort and whether the stay will be successful. Hence the question – how to increase the hotel’s prestige and how interior designers arrange rooms that encourage writing very positive reviews? The answer is smart foil.

The relationship between PDLC film and great hotel reviews

If you want to know how to increase hotel prestige, it is worth considering what we value most in such rooms. Hotel rooms are usually limited in space, which is very noticeable for guests. Their size is often the first thing they notice. However, the fact that the space is small does not mean that it must be perceived in this way.

A great solution will be glass partition walls, thanks to which the room will seem more open, spacious and sunny. They also take up less space than traditional stud walls, so they not only give the impression of space, but actually save space. Smart foil will enable us to use such a solution in hotel rooms.

hotel balcony

Greater privacy, or how to increase hotel prestige

Another way to increase hotel prestige is to increase the level of privacy in the rooms. Regardless of whether guests stay there alone or with travel companions, it is crucial for the sense of comfort. A large number of glass partitions can cause a problem with privacy.

However, the use of LCD film with liquid crystal switching allows you to change the glass from transparent to milky white, thanks to which guests decide when they want to have an open space and when they need privacy. Smart foil supports the illusion of spaciousness of rooms, without compromising comfort and privacy, which is the best answer to the question of how to increase hotel prestige.

The cleanliness of the hotel is the basis for great reviews

Carpets, fabric curtains, curtains, bedspreads and all other materials collect dust and unpleasant smells. All this can cause that, even if the room is cleaned, it may seem unhygienic to guests. In order to optimize space and better access to light, the first thing that is abandoned are curtains, curtains and blinds, which are unsightly, less and less fashionable and collect germs and dust. In addition, they are also difficult to clean. Smart window film completely eliminates the need for them, making rooms more sterile.

How to increase hotel prestige – the return on investment can be found in the reviews

Providing guests with a comfortable stay that they will not forget for a long time depends primarily on the standard of hotel rooms. Thus, appropriate thought and planning of the arrangement design of their interiors can be the difference between a five-star rating and a no-star rating or no rating at all. Smart foil will largely help us achieve the first effect.

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