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Glass-walled hotel interiors – how does SONTE film combine aesthetics with privacy?

Hotels are sanctuaries of peace and relaxation. But guests are looking for more than just accommodation – they crave uniqueness and a touch of luxury. The role of glass-walled interiors in modern hotels is pivotal. They provide more than just aesthetic appeal and openness, they add a layer of luxury that turns every stay into something truly unforgettable.

Glass as a key element in hotel design

The use of glass in hotels is an art of balancing aesthetics with functionality. In modern hotel designs, glass elements, from bathrooms to common areas, bring a unique elegance and a sense of open space. The incorporation of glass in hotel projects not only introduces a modern decor but also highlights natural light and visually expands the space.

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Privacy in a modern hotel – The challenge of designing glass spaces

Modern hotels are increasingly bold in utilizing glass elements, creating open and bright interiors. This modern aesthetic, while stunning in its spaciousness and light, also presents new challenges in ensuring privacy. Glass dominates not only in the bathrooms of hotel rooms, but also in common areas, making guests feel exposed or deprived of intimate space. Balancing spacious design with privacy has become a key element in hotel interior design. Hotels face the task of making their guests feel comfortable and secure, while still enjoying the elegance and modernity of glass-filled spaces.

SONTE film in hotels – Features, advantages, and benefits

Traditional methods of ensuring privacy in hotel glass spaces, such as blinds, curtains, or shutters, often fall short in effectiveness and require regular maintenance. SONTE Film presents a modern alternative to these options, blending functionality with aesthetics. This innovative film not only minimises the need for frequent cleaning – a crucial aspect in hotels where sterility and cleanliness are priorities – but also offers greater flexibility in managing privacy.

Hotel owners are increasingly opting for this solution. Applying SONTE film to windows and glass enhances a hotel’s competitiveness and appeal.  The design and decor of a hotel room play a crucial role in shaping guest experiences and satisfaction. By integrating contemporary design with unique features, while still ensuring functionality and comfort, you create a retreat that guests are eager to revisit.

The revolution in space and privacy management in hotels is gaining momentum with technologies like SONTE film. In just a second, a transparent window can transform into an opaque white, offering on-demand privacy. The smart SONTE film allows for easy control of privacy in both hotel rooms and shared spaces, all with the simple use of a remote control.

Common applications of SONTE film in hotels

SONTE film presents a perfect solution for windows in hotel rooms, especially beneficial in densely populated areas. It allows guests to enjoy the scenery without compromising their privacy, offering a sense of safety and comfort.In hotel rooms where maintaining privacy is crucial, this innovative film allows guests to manage their privacy instantly.

SONTE Film is also a great fit for hotel bathrooms, where glass partitions are increasingly popular. Yet, when guests seek a moment of privacy, they can achieve it with just the push of a button. This innovative amenity not only captures attention but also enhances the overall guest experience during their stay.

In shared spaces frequented by visitors, such as wellness zones or designated work areas, SONTE film provides the perfect amount of privacy and enhances the comfort level of the space.

How is SONTE film installed?

Installing smart film doesn’t require replacing any existing glass in windows or partitions – it can be applied directly onto any single or double-glazed surfaces already installed in your hotel.

Wondering how the SONTE smart film performs in a real hotel setting?

Click here to see SONTE film in action in a hotel room, where a glass wall separates the bathroom from the bedroom

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