Block harmful radiation with SONTE film

Synopticians and meteorologists agree that recent years have been some of the hottest in measurement history; moreover, the near future does not seem optimistic. As a result, working in a heated office space, with harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation entering through unprotected glass panes, becomes uncomfortable and, above all, dangerous.

SONTE film helps or hurts?

UV radiation emitted by the sun (though not exclusively) is divided into three main types: UVA, UVC and UVB. The latter is strongest from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. That is, at times of peak professional activity. It is responsible for the much-desired tan, but unfortunately, with prolonged exposure, it is also responsible for skin lesions and, just as importantly, has an adverse effect on our eyes.

Kobieta w promieniach słonecznych

Electric film vs UV radiation

At SONTE we have also anticipated such a situation. SONTE electric shading film inhibits 99% of UV and 80% of infrared rays (proven by tests conducted by SGS laboratories), protecting our bodies from harmful radiation. This makes our product not only an aesthetic and a designer accessory. It is, above all, practical – providing privacy and creating an ideal environment for individual or collective work.

An alternative solution – chromatic film!

SONTE® liquid-crystal film prevents overheating. You can install it on your windows to reduce air conditioning expenses and stop harmful UV rays.

Naturally, connecting the film to the electrical system is not always possible, but we are prepared for this as well. In such situations, the chromatic film is ideal. When installed non-invasively on building facades or glass surfaces, it will automatically dim or brighten, responding dynamically to changes in light intensity. In this way, it prevents excessive heat build-up and blocks glare and harmful solar radiation.

The electric film that is not only for the office

Of course, one may ask whether the mentioned films are only suitable for covering office surfaces? Our answer is a resounding: Definitely not! Solutions presented by Sonte are also applicable to other spaces that are supposed to provide us with privacy and ultimate comfort, such as hotel rooms, spas or even vehicles. It all depends on your imagination.

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