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Luxury on the water – Using SONTE film on yachts

Modern technologies are playing an increasingly important role in various fields, including sailing. Yacht owners and designers are increasingly turning to innovative solutions that enhance the comfort, aesthetics, and functionality of their vessels. From advanced navigation systems to intelligent construction materials, modern technologies are revolutionizing the way we travel on water and spend time on yachts.

Recently, we had the opportunity to implement SONTE film on an exclusive yacht stationed in Mallorca. This unique project reminded us of the numerous benefits that this innovative technology can bring to the world of sailing. It is a solution that not only elevates the prestige of the yacht but also sets a new standard in the industry. Yacht owners who choose this technology can become pioneers, reaping the exceptional benefits offered by SONTE film and bringing a new dimension of luxury and innovation to their vessels.

Table of contents:

    • How does SONTE film enhance luxury on yachts?
    • What is SONTE film and how does it work?
    • Benefits of using SONTE film on yachts
    • Examples of SONTE film applications on yachts
    • A revolution on board: Why choose SONTE film?
    • 5 Key benefits of using SONTE film on yachts

What is SONTE film?

SONTE film is an advanced liquid crystal film (PDLC), also known as smart film. Its unique feature is the ability to dynamically manage transparency. Within a second, it can switch from a transparent state to an opaque white, providing on-demand privacy. This functionality is made possible by liquid crystal technology, which responds to electrical current by changing its orientation and thus the level of transparency of the film.

Various control methods

SONTE film can be controlled in several ways, increasing its versatility and adaptability to individual user needs. The most commonly used methods include wall switches, remote controls, and building management systems.

Flexible configuration options

SONTE film is available in various configurations to meet customer requirements. It can be ordered in classic white, as well as in gray, black, or multicolored options. Additionally, the film can be customized in terms of shape and size, allowing it to be applied to different types of glass and various interior designs.

Applications of SONTE film

SONTE film is used in many fields due to its unique properties and aesthetics. Additionally, it can be installed on both new and existing glass surfaces. Here are some examples:


SONTE film provides privacy in residential spaces while still allowing natural light to enter. It can be used on windows, sliding doors, and even partition walls.


In a business environment, SONTE film is ideal for creating dynamic conference rooms, offices, and meeting spaces. It helps create environments conducive to both concentration and teamwork.

Public buildings

SONTE film is used in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and other facilities where the aesthetics and functionality of the space are crucial. It allows for quick adaptation of interiors to different needs and situations, enhancing the comfort and convenience of guests and patients while adding an element of luxury.

Benefits of using SONTE film on yachts

SONTE film is a futuristic solution that revolutionizes the standards of comfort and functionality on yachts. Here are the main advantages of using SONTE film on luxury yachts:

On-demand privacy

SONTE film allows for quick switching of transparency, providing instant privacy on the yacht. Owners and guests can change transparent windows to opaque white with a single click, shielding themselves from the sun and unwanted glances. This innovative solution creates intimate spaces on the yacht where one can relax and enjoy peace, regardless of the limited space.

Protection from sun and UV radiation

SONTE film blocks up to 99% of UV radiation and up to 78% of IR radiation, significantly reducing the heating of the yacht’s interior. As a result, the interiors remain cooler, enhancing travel comfort, especially in hot climates. Additionally, UV protection helps preserve the quality and appearance of furniture and fittings, preventing materials from fading. This solution not only enhances passenger comfort but also protects the investment of a luxury yacht.

Elegance and luxury

SONTE film brings a new level of elegance and luxury to the yacht. This innovative solution distinguishes owners, highlighting their exceptional taste and attention to detail. Installing SONTE film demonstrates an advanced approach to design and functionality that will undoubtedly impress guests and elevate the prestige of the vessel.

Examples of SONTE film applications on yachts

SONTE film offers a wide range of applications on yachts, providing benefits in both private cabins and common areas. Thanks to its versatility and innovative properties, SONTE film enhances comfort and functionality on board, adapting to the diverse needs of owners and guests.

Private cabins

SONTE film is perfect for creating private spaces on yachts for guests. With the ability to quickly change window transparency, private cabins and salons can easily be separated, ensuring comfort and discretion. Yacht owners can switch transparent windows to opaque white with a single click, creating intimate areas where guests can relax and enjoy privacy.

Additionally, SONTE film is ideal for skylights in cabins, which often let in excess light and heat. Applying the film allows for the control of the amount of light entering the cabin, ensuring a comfortable temperature and protecting against prying eyes.

Common areas

In common areas, such as the kitchen and lounge, SONTE film can effectively protect against excessive sunlight, improving the comfort of cooking and relaxation. Additionally, in ports and marinas where the yacht is often admired by passersby, SONTE film provides the necessary privacy for the crew and guests.

Multi-functional spaces

One of the greatest advantages of SONTE film is its versatility, allowing for the adaptation of yacht spaces to different needs and events. SONTE film enables dynamic management of these spaces, providing privacy during meetings while offering openness and spaciousness during social events.

In common areas, such as the kitchen and lounge, SONTE film can effectively protect against excessive sunlight, enhancing the comfort of cooking and relaxation. Additionally, in ports and marinas where the yacht is often admired by passersby, SONTE film provides the necessary privacy for the crew and guests.

5 Key Benefits of Using SONTE Film on Yachts

  1. SONTE film allows for instant privacy with the touch of a button.
  2. It blocks up to 99% of UV rays and 78% of IR radiation, keeping interiors cool and protecting furnishings.
  3. It reduces glare and excessive heat, enhancing onboard comfort.
  4. SONTE film adds a touch of modern elegance and sophistication to your yacht.
  5. It dynamically adapts spaces for different needs and events.

Revolution on board

SONTE film is the key to a new dimension of luxury on your yacht. Imagine a yacht where privacy is at your fingertips, and interiors remain cool and comfortable even on the hottest days. With SONTE film, you can enjoy a unique atmosphere and intimacy in every area of your yacht – from private cabins to the bridge and common areas. Offering both functionality and elegance, SONTE film sets your yacht apart, highlighting prestige and modernity. By investing in SONTE film, you invest in exceptional experiences and unparalleled style on the water. Transform your yacht into an oasis of luxury and innovation – choose SONTE film today!

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