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What about curtains in a smart home?

A smart home allows us to save even a large amount of money in the long run. This applies not only to the living itself but also to home maintenance. The use of modern solutions, such as floor heating, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (recuperation), or modern window systems allows for the reduction in electricity bills by up to half. However, it is worth remembering that the smart home also uses modern solutions in the field of designing and arranging the entire space. Thanks to that, everyday life becomes even easier, more pleasant and comfortable, and also aesthetic and stylish.

What about curtains in a smart home?

So, if you are looking for an answer to the question of what to place in your windows instead of curtains, it is pretty simple. The smart film allows us to maintain privacy in the space of our home whenever we feel the need for it. At the same time, it does not have the disadvantages of traditional methods of covering windows. It will not get dusty, nor need to be washed or ironed. It will not limit natural daylight too much either. Until recently, the smart film was only available to large companies (due to financial reasons). However, thanks to the innovative activities of SONTE, it is now available to everyone.

When considering what widow cover to choose instead of curtains, it is also important to mention that the smart film is much more aesthetic and modern in its form and appearance than the above-mentioned solution. It will definitely be more suitable for a modern and smart home, no matter if it is in the transparent, milky- white, or matt version. It creates the best possible conditions for everyday life and the protection of privacy whenever we need it.

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What gives your household members privacy in their own homes?

Each of us dreams of privacy in our own homes or apartments. Seemingly, nowadays it is not difficult to achieve it. However, sometimes a small area or a specific shape of the plot cause the house to be located close to a street or another house. In such cases, other people can easily see what happens in some rooms. In residential blocks, things are sometimes even worse. The interiors of apartments located on the lower floors are often completely exposed. It also happens that developers build blocks right next to each other, practically windows opposite windows. How do you ensure your privacy under such conditions? What are the benefits of a smart matting film for window?

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