Rodzina wpatrująca się w dom

Premium privacy at home, office?

The Covid-19 epidemic has completely changed the way we used to operate. Not only has it significantly influenced how we think about relationships with others, but it has also taken the professional world by storm. As a result, many of us have had to move some, and in many cases, all of the work we do to our homes. Then it turned out that our bastions of privacy are not ideal places, although an electric shading film could make them so. More on that later.

Home office

Blurring the boundaries between work and home has left its mark on both. We all know the scenario when we feel like everything seems ready: coffee—check, charged laptop—check, phone on mute—check, and yet, for some reason, it is still challenging to focus. We are distracted by absolutely everything. The view outside the window, other household members, and our pet nervously pacing by the door. Unfortunately, the attempt to combine duties in this home-work whirlwind of multitasking was doomed to failure from the start in many cases. Why? Because one of the biggest challenges proved to be trying to guarantee a comfortable, quiet and dedicated space for operations.

A woman with a child in front of a computer

The space is perfect, only with an electric film

In this case, how to tame the interior of our home to turn it into a place of creativity and efficiency? One of the solutions is the Sonte electric foil. When turned off, it gives the impression of an ordinary glass pane and transparent surface. It retains its innovative properties, but in appearance, it does not deviate from the norm. On the other hand, when turned on, it takes on a frosted appearance, giving the effect of frosted glass. Moreover, it does not require special cleaning procedures (to which we pay all the more attention in the current covid situation). Installing an electric shading film makes creating a private and comfortable space easy.

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