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Modern dental office – raise the standard in your clinic with SONTE film

A modern dental office attracts patients not only with the quality of services provided but also with a high standard of equipment. You can easily and quickly enhance the prestige of your medical facility using SONTE’s innovative window film. Discover the details of this solution.

Table of Contents:

    • What do dental clinic patients pay attention to?
    • How does SONTE window film work?
    • What functions can SONTE film serve in a dental office?
    • Tinting film for medical facilities — which one to choose?
    • 10 benefits of using SONTE film in a dental office
    • How to order SONTE frosted window film?


Using SONTE window film allows you to adjust the transparency of the glass from about 87% to complete opacity. The film can be quickly installed on existing windows without the need for removal. It is resistant to cleaning and disinfecting agents. Discover how this solution can elevate the standard of your dental office.

What do dental clinic patients pay attention to?

Patients of dental clinics appreciate elegant, modern interiors. During treatments, they expect privacy, but in other situations, an open space helps to reduce the stress associated with the visit. This is especially true for younger patients.

For these reasons, large glass panels have become a standard feature in modern dental offices, as their transparency increases the sense of safety. However, there are situations where it’s necessary to reduce the transparency of these panels to ensure privacy. This presents a challenge in the design of modern dental offices.

Given that blinds and curtains are cumbersome to operate, take up space, and collect dust and other pollutants, dental office owners are increasingly opting for SONTE film installations.

How does SONTE window film work?

The innovative SONTE window film, only 0.38 mm thick, is composed of microscopic liquid crystals whose alignment can be conveniently and swiftly controlled. SONTE installers apply the film to the interior side of the window or place it between two panes of glass in double-glazed systems, and then connect it to a low-voltage controller.

By using a wireless remote or a wall-mounted button, you can power on the film, which will make it transparent, or turn it off, causing the surface to become frosted in a fraction of a second, ensuring privacy, for example, during a dental procedure or while taking dental x-rays. You can also control the film using a dedicated dimmer or the building’s BMS system.

What functions can SONTE film serve in a dental office?

In a dental office, SONTE film offers more than just comfort for patients and dentists. It is available in a variety of colors and can be customized with designs, such as the clinic’s logo. Additionally, the advanced control features allow for independent adjustments to the appearance of glass panels throughout the facility.

We also offer a special Heat Blocker window film variant that reduces room heating by blocking 55% of infrared solar radiation and up to 99% of UV radiation. It also reflects thermal radiation. In real-world conditions, this film can lower indoor temperatures by about 7℃, which can reduce the load on building heating and cooling systems by up to 30% compared to conventional windows. This helps to significantly lower air conditioning costs.

Choosing the right tinting film for medical facilities

When picking a window tinting film for a medical facility, it’s essential to consider a few key features. The most crucial is that the film meets the necessary safety certifications. SONTE film meets a range of safety standards, including fire safety compliance according to PN-EN 13501-2:2016-07, and reaction to fire according to EN 13051-1:2018 and PN-EN 13501-1:2019-02. The film is non-flammable, does not drip, and produces minimal smoke.

Ease of maintenance and the ability to disinfect are also crucial issues in all medical facilities. SONTE film is resistant to cleaning agents and disinfecting solutions based on ethanol and similar substances. It can be cleaned in the same way as ordinary glass, using a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner.

10 benefits of using SONTE film in a dental office

The innovative properties of SONTE film provide numerous benefits in a dental office setting. Here are the most significant ones:

    1. Exceptionally aesthetic and durable appearance.
    2. Eliminates blinds and curtains, which can accumulate contaminants.
    3. Allows for temporary, smooth dimming or complete opacity of selected glass panels.
    4. Quick and non-invasive installation.
    5. Easy to keep clean.
    6. Resistant to disinfectants.
    7. Low operational costs (costing just a few euro annually, depending on the size of the SONTE film used).
    8. Protects office equipment from the harmful effects of solar radiation.
    9. Reduces room heating, thereby lowering air conditioning costs.
    10. Offers customization options such as color choices and the ability to feature the medical facility’s logo.

How to Order SONTE Frosted Window Film?

SONTE frosted window film is a modern, prestigious product. That’s why our specialists handle its installation. To order the film for your dental office, schedule a consultation using the form on this page.

Within a few minutes, we will confirm your submission by email, and then our consultant will contact you by phone. They will ask for basic information needed to assign you a customer care representative who will take care of implementing your vision comprehensively.

Elevate the standard of your dental office with SONTE film! Discover how modern technology can enhance the prestige of your clinic.

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