Mikrohotele na terenie lotniska

Seamless layovers – why microhotels are the new travel trend and what role does smart glass play?

In today’s world, where the pace of life is faster than ever, travellers are seeking solutions that allow them to make the most of every minute of their journey. It’s with them in mind that microhotels have emerged – a new, innovative concept in accommodation that’s becoming a real hit in the tourism market. But what is it that makes these minimalist, yet functional, facilities so popular? And what role does the revolutionary technology of smart glass play in this?

What makes microhotels so successful?

Microhotels cater to those seeking to save time and money without sacrificing comfort. These establishments offer small, yet highly functional rooms that provide everything needed for a comfortable rest. Thanks to the use of innovative technological solutions and smart spatial design, travelers can enjoy privacy and tranquility in the heart of the largest metropolises. What aspects of microhotels are valued by visitors?

  • Location is key – microhotels strategic placement

A significant advantage of microhotels is their location. Typically situated in city centers or near airports, they offer easy access to key attractions and transport hubs. This means that travelers can effortlessly pursue their business or tourism plans, saving both time and expenses on travel.

  • Eye-catching designs that win hearts

Appearance and aesthetic appeal also play a significant role. The design of microhotels is often the work of renowned architects and designers, who create spaces that are not only practical but also visually pleasing. The interiors are modern, often with a touch of local flavor, allowing guests to feel the essence of the place they are in.

  • Innovative technology tailored for traveler’s needs

In microhotels, technology serves the guests – from keyless room access and personalized climate control systems to fast internet access. All of this contributes to a hotel experience that’s simply comfortable.

  • Tailoring your stay – making it feel like home

Traveling often leaves us yearning for the warmth of home. Microhotels allow for a customized experience through advanced systems that “remember” guest preferences. From the room temperature to favorite music – everything can be adjusted to meet the individual needs of the client.

  • Green practices and sustainability – top concerns of today’s traveler

Embracing eco-friendly practices in hospitality has shifted from a mere trend to an essential. Microhotels are at the forefront, prioritizing sustainability in step with contemporary demands. They utilize LED lighting, intelligent energy and water management systems, and materials with a low environmental impact. This care for the planet is attracting an increasing number of environmentally conscious guests.

Smart glass – The game-changer in hotel experiences

The latest technologies, such as smart glass, are transforming the way guests interact with hotel spaces. This seemingly ordinary pane of glass can alter its transparency, providing complete privacy at the client’s request. Furthermore, smart glass can function as an interactive display (projection on the glass), showing flight information, weather forecasts, or news – all the essentials of the modern traveler.

Understanding the unique location of microhotels within airport areas, smart glass adapts to the specific needs of travelers. It offers a quick and convenient update of flight information without the need to leave the room, which is particularly valuable in the dynamic airport environment. This allows guests to better plan their time and manage their travels with greater certainty.

Smart glass can also be used to display airport maps, aiding orientation within the airport space and assisting in locating key areas such as gates or service points. This is an example of how modern technology can significantly simplify the lives of travelers, making a stay in a microhotel even more comfortable and efficient.

Microhotels with smart glass are paving the way for the future

The hotel market is continuously evolving, but one thing is certain – microhotels are not just a passing trend, but a part of a larger shift in travel and accommodation practices. Microhotels represent a revolution in the hotel industry, perfectly aligning with the needs of modern travelers. Comfort, technology, ecological awareness, and design come together to create a new standard that attracts and retains customers.

And the role of smart glass in all this? It’s the technological heart of the microhotel, providing privacy, security, and interactive entertainment of the highest caliber. Liquid crystal film is an advanced technology that’s becoming not just a hallmark of modernity but, more importantly, an element that enhances functionality and comfort during a stay. Smart glass, which can change its transparency on demand, not only ensures privacy but also serves as an interactive platform for guests to receive information and entertainment. Its application in microhotels plays a pivotal role, not just elevating the standard of accommodation but also meeting the needs of a modern, mobile world.

If you’re curious about how SONTE film performs in traditional hotels, watch our video showcasing an installation in a hotel bathroom. It’s a great opportunity to see how our product can transform interiors, providing privacy and a modern design. Watch the video here and discover the possibilities offered by SONTE film!

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