Projection on glass with Sonte film

SONTE Smart film as a projection screen

Creating a space adapted to the surroundings needs often leads to a number of dilemmas and questions. We look for options that fit into the theme and specificity of the given place, but also offer original solutions and introduce comfort of operation. The liquid crystal SONTE film becomes the answer to the needs.

The SONTE Film is ideal for office space, responding to employees demands and needs. In addition to the privacy function it offers, the liquid crystal film provides modern solutions that go hand in hand with aesthetics.

Image Display

The effect of glazed rooms makes a great impression. But combining it with an innovative film intensifies it completely. Not only can the film turn matte, but it can also be used as a projection screen to display videos, photos, or television.

Stanowisko SONTE na targach branżowych

The technology of tomorrow

Thanks to the use of the liquid crystal, which is also used in LCD TVs, rear projection is possible on our film. All you have to do is set up a projector behind the glass area covered with SONTE film, which will display any content in full HD. Above the display place, we install special lamps that ensure high-quality image reception, regardless of the lighting of the place.

Image projection – where can we use it?

The innovative SONTE film with its high functionality can be used in a number of places. It will work well as an unusual place to display ads in stores or salons. Thanks to the high quality of the service, we guarantee a clear reception of the ad that will attract everyone attention. One click is all that is needed to make the display surface transparent again.

The use of a liquid crystal film introduces an element of professionalism and aesthetics to any chosen place. It is also perfect for meetings with new clients in conference rooms. Instead of a projector directing the image to a white wall, we display a presentation directly on the glass/window. Such a meeting will certainly be well-received by your clients.

Liquid crystal film is also installed in hotels. Glazed bathrooms are becoming more and more common. With one click, our foil ensures the places privacy. You can not only turn on the matte mode on the wall but also display the magnificent landscape surrounding the hotel.

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