Loft-style office vs. privacy – muntin walls featuring smart film

A loft-style office is more than just a workplace. It’s a space where creativity meets functionality, where raw aesthetics are combined with modern design. One of the key elements of such an interior are muntin walls, which not only highlight the unique character of the loft but also introduce practical elements such as dividing space without losing light and a sense of openness. However, how to combine the openness of the loft with the need for privacy, especially in the context of office space?

Use of muntin walls in a loft office

Muntin walls are constructions consisting of a frame and numerous smaller panes of glass. This structure allows for the maintenance of an industrial aesthetic while introducing a large amount of natural light into the office. They are ideal for dividing the space into work zones without losing the sense of spaciousness that is characteristic to the loft style.

Contemporary loft offices often use muntin walls to add character to the space and at the same time divide it into smaller zones. Their construction, although seemingly light and subtle, can effectively divide the space not only visually but also acoustically. Such modularity and the ability to arrange the interior is especially valued in dynamic work environments where the needs of the team can change quickly.

Muntin walls vs privacy

Although muntin walls are an excellent solution in terms of aesthetics and functionality, they may not always provide an adequate level of privacy. This is where smart film comes into play. It is a modern product that allows for the instantaneous dimming or brightening of glass at the user’s request, which is particularly important in office spaces.

The issue of privacy in open office spaces often requires innovative solutions. While muntin walls fit perfectly into the aesthetics of a loft, their transparency can be a problem when confidential conversations or focus on a task are required. It is in such situations that smart film, which allow for the temporary “switching off” of transparency without permanently changing the character of the space, becomes the ideal solution.

Smart film – a modern solution for offices

Smart film is an innovative solution that combines many advantages. Firstly, it allows for the regulation of light transmission and provides control over what is visible from the outside and inside. Thanks to this, employees can enjoy natural lighting whenever they need it, while maintaining privacy during meetings or work that requires concentration.

Window film is becoming the answer to the need for privacy and control over the amount of light entering a space. Smart film allows for a quick change from transparent to opaque, which loft office users can appreciate during various situations, from meetings with clients to internal presentations. Moreover, this film fits into sustainable office management, reducing the need for blinds or curtains that could disrupt the loft character of the space.

Installation of smart film on muntin walls

The installation of smart film on muntin walls is relatively simple and does not require major interventions in the structure of the building. The application process does not disrupt the daily use of the rooms. The film can be applied directly to existing glass, which eliminates the need for replacing entire windows or undergoing costly renovations.

The final step after installation is connecting the film to a power source, which is crucial for its proper functioning. Electrical wires are usually installed in such a way as to be minimally visible, and their installation does not affect the aesthetics of the glass or the entire window. Once installation is complete, the film is ready for use and can be controlled via a remote, an app, a wall switch, or another method, depending on the installed management system.

Advantages of smart film in a loft office

Smart film offers a range of benefits in the context of a loft office. First and foremost, it provides flexibility in space management – areas can be open or closed off as needed. Additionally, the film can serve as a projection medium, allowing for the display of presentations or information directly on the wall. It is also durable and easy to clean, which is important in heavily used office spaces.

Smart films in a loft office are not just about privacy protection and light control. They also act as multimedia carriers, which can serve as a projection screen. This solution fits into the modern concept of work, where the office space is multifunctional and can be quickly adapted to the current needs of employees. Moreover, the ease of maintaining the cleanliness of the film makes it a very practical choice, especially in places where aesthetics are paired with functionality.

Comfort-oriented design

Muntin walls with smart liquid crystal film are a bullseye for loft-spirit offices. It’s a blend of classic and modern: from the outside, the characteristic raw design, and inside functionality and discretion. Smart film is not just a decorative element, but above all, a practical gadget that allows you to work in comfort without giving up natural light.

The use of muntin walls in conjunction with smart film is an ideal solution for offices looking for a balance between modern design and practicality. It allows for the maintenance of the loft’s openness while providing employees with comfort in their work and the possibility of discretion. This thoughtful combination proves that office space can be both inspiring and functional, responding to the changing demands of the modern work world.

Still wondering how exactly liquid crystal film works? Click here to view our animation that explains the functioning of the film and shows how it effectively solves everyday privacy issues.

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