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SSmart film – where can it be applicable?

SONTE’s innovative smart liquid-crystal film has many applications. Wherever there’s simultaneously a need for privacy and comfort of use, this product will serve its purpose. In addition, its ease of use and cleaning makes it suitable for use in specialised industries, such as medicine and private residences.

Smart film in medical facilities – we care for your privacy

Medical offices require unique solutions to guarantee patient privacy and comfort. Both small local dental facilities and expansive specialised hospitals need to provide patients with the space to protect sensitive information about their health.

It is incredibly uncomfortable to sit in the waiting room and hear the conversation in the office between a patient and their physician. Even less pleasant is the realisation that other people waiting in line can also listen to parts of the medical interview when it’s your turn.

It is equally important to ensure that other people not only do not hear but also do not see what is going on in the doctor’s office. This applies to all glazed elements, including those potentially allowing people walking down the street or looking in from another floor of the opposite building to see inside the office. In such cases, this smart liquid-crystal film will help, significantly minimising the risk of violating patient and physician privacy.

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Smart film is the best solution for offices and conference rooms

The most popular place where the liquid-crystal film is used is, of course, offices. The instant possibility of switching from the transparent mode to a milky white surface is a valued advantage in meetings with clients or meetings when there is a need to somehow “exclude” a given room from availability to other employees. It also provides an opportunity for those attending the meeting to focus better without being distracted by the sight of people passing or working in neighbouring rooms.

Client meetings are just one example of smart film application that assists with office work. The current trend is to design office space in the shape of glazed open spaces with separate rooms; such a design encourages creative work and integration of employees. Nonetheless, when a particular project team reports the need to work in a separate space, liquid crystal film can instantly provide this. Thus, it is a comfortable solution for all company employees while allowing the office to maintain a modernist, minimalist design.

Liquid-crystal film – enjoy privacy in your own home

All the smart film advantages mentioned above can also be applied to private homes. For example, an exclusive bathroom does not have to be hidden behind solid doors. Glass doors with SONTE liquid-crystal film installed allow you to combine high-end design with privacy and convenience; simply activate the opaque surface when using the bathroom. Similarly, for all windows in the apartment, the smart film can help you do away with impractical blinds, curtains or shutters.

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