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Modern office – ideas, inspirations, examples

In recent years, people have been talking about the employee market because nowadays, employees, not employers, set the requirements during the recruitment process. Unsurprisingly, those seeking employment are offered attractive social packages, flexible working hours and other benefits, and friendly, comfortable and functional interiors. The research shows that office design should be aesthetically pleasing, stylish and visually neutral, comfortable, innovative and highly practical.

Only a skilful combination of these two directions of office space optimization creates the best conditions for employees to be efficient, creative and content. All these features can be encapsulated in a single term: modern office. Why would you want one? How to decorate a modern office? What are the most exciting ideas, inspirations and examples?

Modern interiors – creativity, efficiency and a good atmosphere

Employees pay attention to the appearance of the company’s office space where they seek employment for a good reason—they will spend a large part of their day there. They want to feel comfortable, relaxed and simply good there, knowing that this will be guaranteed by an aesthetically pleasing interior design and innovative furnishings that are compatible with their needs. They are 100 per cent correct in this.

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Modern offices are a shared space for everyone

Nowadays, in most companies, people from several generations, very different in many ways, meet in a single office space. The modern office should therefore constitute a perfect space for dialogue and efficient cooperation, considering each age group’s needs, habits and work styles. Modern work environment design must therefore be flexible and provide freedom and privacy in equal measure. Just as the location of a company’s headquarters used to be its most important advantage, creative, attractive and functional interiors are now increasingly important.

It’s also worth remembering that the employee comfort resulting from creating the best possible conditions is very important. Still, a modern office will serve an equally important function. It’s also a great way to show competitors, associates and business partners, as well as the local community, that your company is a serious market player, is appropriately managed and is aware of global trends in business space arrangement.

Three principles on which a modern office should be based

Office spaces that match minimalist interior furnishings are primarily based on three principles:

  • open and spacious office;
  • use of neutral materials;
  • minimalism.

In the first case, the most important thing is to maintain the impression that the work environment is spacious, visually open, large and expansive, even if it does not actually feature impressive dimensions. This can be achieved by using glass partitions as an alternative to traditional ones. Such a solution will be very beneficial to the company in many ways, as it has been shown that open spaces promote transparency in terms of interior design and company culture. A modern office should therefore be (or perceived to be) spacious, which will significantly increase the comfort of employees and the company’s prestige.

Modern offices also rely on using neutral materials in interior design, such as the aforementioned glass and wood. This is because they are nobler than other raw materials, and they are also more beneficial to the atmosphere in the office and the well-being of employees, as they promote focus and efficiency without distractions. It’s also worth knowing that they are timeless furnishings, so they will always be stylish.

When considering how to decorate a modern office, a solid choice is minimalism, which will help create a comfortable business environment. It will also guarantee a functional, practical and comfortable space that looks great and provides the right conditions for work. So, we should leave behind all the seemingly necessary elements of the space that only limit it and cause difficulties in managing the office and staff. The motto of the modern office is the less, the better.

Decorating a modern office – dispelling doubts

The fact that office space is minimalist does not immediately mean that it’s boring, predictable and visually unattractive. Contrary to what might seem, this type of arrangement gives us a lot of exciting possibilities. The most important thing is to remember moderation, maintain harmony and use innovative furnishings. Pastel and cool interior colours are very popular, warmed up by, for example, wooden furniture and many flowers.

If you want, you can opt for slightly more intense colours. Still, it’s best to choose one or at most two complementary colours to avoid visually restricting the space and impairing employees’ focus. In addition, the minimalism recommended in modern offices means that you will be able to select more innovative and creative solutions for furnishings that would not look good in interiors limited by chaotic and intense colours, too much furniture or visually closed space.

Modern office furnishing examples and inspirations

Variable transparency of partitions, rooms that change their purpose or presentations displayed on glass. A modern office impresses not only business partners but also employees. Sonte® Smart Film will help you build a corporate image that moves with the times.

An exciting solution used by modern offices is funky pods – multifunctional mobile pieces of furniture that can be transformed depending on the situation to obtain a work environment tailored to the needs of the moment. They are sure to make developing a group project or having a coffee break and chatting more enjoyable. Small booths have also become trendy fixtures in modern offices, as they can transform such space into a rest area or an intimate meeting place.

Nowadays, it is no longer enough for offices to have a kitchen with a dining area or small and enclosed game rooms—the optimization of their space by interior designers has led to the emergence of spacious relaxation rooms, which are equipped with hammocks, colourful pouffes, foosball table or popular board games, as well as separate areas for yoga or Pilates classes. This makes it easier for employees to relax and rest during their break, from which they return with renewed enthusiasm for work.

When considering how to furnish a modern office, it’s best to forget about unfashionable and uncomfortable open spaces or using cubicles as workstations. Instead, workstations must be easily accessible, while the space should stimulate creativity and communication as much as it guarantees privacy. After all, achieving the balance between collaboration and individual work is a significant challenge in a modern office.

So, taking care of your employees’ comfort is a must because they work daily for the company’s success. The better working conditions they are guaranteed, the better they perform their official duties, which directly translates into the company’s success. Benefits such as social packages, flexible working hours or fruit in the office are still vital. They have already become standard, but they will not attract valuable and qualified employees to the company, nor will they make them more productive and effective in carrying out its strategy.

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A modern office for your business

Suppose you are looking for an effective and proven solution that would contribute to the development of your business. In that case, it’s best to choose a modern office. The benefits outlined above apply to many aspects of any business, from creating a comfortable environment for employees that will increase their efficiency to shaping a positive corporate image to improving the efficiency of space and personnel management. In other words, they represent the best return on the investment of furnishing a modern office.

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