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Cushman & Wakefield – Warsaw Hub

Cushman & Wakefield


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7 m²

Smart film for every window

Office buildings, which are currently being built more and more, are fully glazed. Both facades and interiors are made of glass – it is a universal material with many advantages, especially in terms of arrangement. Glazing opens space makes it visually gains in size. However, they have one disadvantage: they do not provide privacy. IN office spaces is a big problem, because it does not allow to separate from distractions. Cushman & Wakefield decided to solve it by opting for REVOLUTION with SONTE.

Cushman & Wakefield employees are in control thanks to a smart liquid crystal film transparency of glazing, turning them into milky white with one click. they cut off in this way from external distractions to be able to fully focus on work or topics discussed during business meetings. Thanks to the possibility of retro-fit assembly the installation of the SONTE film was made on the existing structure.

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