SKANSKA – Building Spark B



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520 m²

Originality, functionality, modernity

The fully glazed space in the SKANSKA office building gives a fantastic effect. However, it generates a problem – how to provide privacy for employees in such a place and create a distraction-free working environment? blinds, blinds, curtains or other antiquated solutions were out of the question because they simply did not fit to such a modern space.

The best way to solve this problem turned out to be the installation of SONTE Smart film. Functionality and modern character convinced the management board of SKANSKA that it is worth joining REVOLUTION IN PRIVACY MANAGEMENT. The SKANSKA team can now simply, a quick and convenient way to control the transparency of each pane to the selected one privacy and the ability to work with full concentration.

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MAN Truck & Bus – OBEYA Room

The privacy you need! The management of MAN Truck & Bus company wanted to ensure confidentiality during meetings in the OBEYA room located in the production hall.

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Sharp/Nec – Inspiration Hub

High level in ads display. With back projection, you can show any marketing content on every glass surface in a modern and revolutionary way.

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Developer Park Avenue – Park Avenue

As we know, the Director sometimes needs calm and separation from all distractions.
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