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How Skanska Revolutionized Privacy and Functionality in a Modern Office Building with SONTE Film


Skanska created an office building with a highly glazed space, resulting in a fantastic architectural effect. However, a challenge arose: how to provide employees with privacy and suitable working conditions without distractions in such an open environment? Traditional solutions like blinds, shutters, or curtains didn’t align with the modern character of the office building.


The installation of SONTE film proved to be the best solution. Its functionality and modern design convinced Skanska’s management to join the revolution in privacy management. With SONTE film, the Skanska team can now easily, quickly, and conveniently control window transparency, ensuring privacy and focus whenever necessary.


After implementing SONTE film, Skanska gained several benefits:

  • Increased Privacy: Employees can now easily manage window transparency, providing them with privacy when needed.
  • Better Working Conditions: The ability to create conducive working conditions improves comfort and work efficiency. Modern Look:
  •  SONTE film blends seamlessly with the modern design of the office building, emphasizing its innovative character. Conclusion:

By using SONTE film, Skanska revolutionized the way privacy and functionality are managed in its modern office building. The innovative approach to office space arrangement has created optimal working conditions that foster privacy and focus while maintaining a modern interior design.

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