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How Clariant Revolutionized Its Office in Monopolis with SONTE Film


In Łódź’s Monopolis, the office of the Swiss chemical company Clariant was established, needing to ensure comfortable working conditions for its employees. The investor sought a modern solution that would provide privacy and shield employees from distractions while fitting into the office’s contemporary design.


Clariant joined the privacy management revolution by installing SONTE film on two floors of its office. The film was mounted on several glass desks and cabinets, allowing for modern and comfortable privacy control. Consequently, employees gained a space where they could focus on their tasks, isolated from the gaze of others and external distractions.


After implementing SONTE film, Clariant’s office in Monopolis gained several benefits:

  • Increased Privacy: Employees can now easily control window transparency, providing them privacy when needed.
  • Better Working Conditions: SONTE film eliminates external distractions, promoting focus and work efficiency.
  • Modern Design: The film installation seamlessly complements the office’s modern character, emphasizing its innovative look.


By using SONTE film, Clariant’s office in Monopolis significantly improved its employees’ working comfort while maintaining a modern design. The office project, executed by The Design Group, was recognized by the IPA jury in the “Office Interior” category, confirmi

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