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42 m²

Privacy is under control

The office of the owner of the Krakow PORSCHE showroom is made entirely of glass. The investor wanted to have a view of what was happening in the living room. Additionally modern glazing ideally emphasized the prestige of the PORSCHE brand. Occasionally however, there is a need to cover them – for example, during a meeting or simply to cut off the distractions and gather your thoughts in peace.

How to solve such a problem in a finished office without carrying out problematic and costly renovation work? Outdated blinds were out of the question because would have a negative impact on the modern character of the space. Perfect once again the solution turned out to be the SONTE film.

Now just one click is enough to turn huge glazing from transparent into milky white, creating a private space in the office, shielded from the outside distractions. REVOLUTION IN PRIVACY MANAGEMENT allowed to enjoy calm in an innovative way.

Like PORSCHE, join the REVOLUTION – choose SONTE!

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